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Connecterra Dairy Activity Monitor

The Connecterra Dairy Monitor provides accurate estrus detection, health analysis and location services for Dairy Cattle. This allows dairy farmers to free up labor time, improve production per animal and save significant amount of money by optimizing their breeding cycles.


Estrus & Health Detection

Our Dairy Activity Monitor is able to provide multiple behavior detection and predictions including animal heat & estrus cycles, health analysis and also provide a forward looking prediction of the next cycle start dates. 

Individual Assessment

Unique to the Dairy Activity Monitor, our devices learn and tune their behavior based on the individual movements of cattle. Additionally, when we improve our algorithms, devices are updated automatically.  

Location Services

Especially needed for Organic dairy farms, we provide location services that track and trace the movements of dairy cows giving you an accurate measurement of the free-grazing time per animal. 



Our Technology

We are building devices and creating algorithms in the cloud that provide detection and prediction of real-world events that will enable the industrial internet of things.


Sensor Cubes

Our cube devices are packed with sensors that detect movement, location and other data. The cubes are multipurpose devices which are at home around the neck of a dairy animal or embedded in a stationary environment.

Device Platform

Our device management platform enables full control of our cube devices, capturing and processing the raw data and transferring it to the cloud for data processing.

Machine Learning & Data Science

The heart of our engineering is our data science engine. We combine the processing power of our devices with the scale of the cloud. Our platform combines multiple data sources to provide accurate detection, prediction and insights.

On any Platform

For end-users, the experience is available on Mobile Phones, Tablets and PC’s enabling customers to free themselves from fixed desktop based solutions.



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