At this point we’re not actively hiring but if you are interested in joining us, here is a little about us:

This is us:

Connecterra makes sense from sensor data in order that to solve real problems that will impact the planet in the years to come. Our first service is a health tracking platform for dairy cows. Using machine learning and sensor hardware we are able to predict behavior patterns in dairy farm animals which will help detect disease, predict optimal estrus cycles and improve dairy production. This is just the start and we have plans that go beyond dairy. Sounds interesting? Then you’ll really like our vision memo.

As a bit of a side note, we are also the best startup of 2015 as ranked by Web Summit. Watch our pitch video.

If you like doing original research and developing technology that doesn’t exist today, then you’ve arrived at the right door. Connecterra is not a job for us, it’s what we are passionate about and we started this company to be able to live our passion.

We are looking for people who do not sit and wait for instructions, but for those who are able to make their own way when they cannot find one. Frankly, we are hiring for culture and organisation fit more than for skill horsepower.

What we Offer:

We get it, you do have to eat, so here is what we’re offering to take care of that detail:

1. Our current assignments are based on a full time contract with above market salary for the right profile.
2. Stock options in one of the hottest early stage startups, negotiable depending on what you bring to the team.
3. Define your own schedule that maps to our overall project milestones.
4. The positions are based in Amsterdam and we require you to be here.
5. Awesome music playlists.
6. Free drinks at the office.
7. <Insert your own>

The process:

We do read CV’s but they hardly communicate who you really are, here is what we want you to do:

1. Follow us on twitter @connecterra and/or
2. Write a 200 word description of what you’ll bring to the company and what really drives you.
3. Send this to You might also want include a few links of your work and describe what your contribution to those projects was.
4. We’ll get in touch with you over Skype and have a brief chat and then we’ll meet up at our office for a coffee.

Sound OK?

Don't be shy, get in touch.