Our mission

To empower farmers of all sizes to increase productivity of their farms, while reducing the impact of farming on the planet.

The challenges

The BIG why?

Food production must increase by 60% to feed 9+ billion people by 2050. At the same time, farmers are expected to produce more with less.

Around the world, the average farm size is increasing. This means more animals per farm to keep an eye on and more staff to manage and align on things like animal health.

The average age of a (dairy) farmer is increasing and the number of people working in agriculture is reducing year-on-year.

Consumer demands are changing and require farmers to produce sustainably with focus on animal welfare, animal health and the planet.

Our solutions

Unpacking our mission statement

We have developed Ida, to connect farmers and the value chain to identify issues on farm, recommend solutions and support farmers to make the transition to sustainable farming. Ida uses sensors and Artificial Intelligence to turn raw data into insight-driven efficiencies for the benefit of people, companies, and the natural habitats in which they operate.

We will always use Artificial Intelligence to support the human endeavour, not usurp it. We believe that together, people, nature and machines can answer the big questions facing our planet.

Efficient agriculture through tech

Ida is the first step in our journey to make global agriculture more productive, humane and sustainable using sensors and machine learning.

Giving nature a voice

We imagine a future where livestock, land, water, even the atmosphere, are all connected by tools that help humans make sense of the biosphere’s hidden internal language.

This is just the beginning

Our ultimate ambition is to use the Connecterra platform to solve inefficiencies in the food system, climate management, disease prevention, energy use, natural disaster response and more.

Company values

We're bringing the spirit and values Silicon Valley to the farmer's field.


We’re a young company of radical thinkers. We’re unafraid to challenge, disrupt and experiments to free technology as a force for good in the real world.


We never stand still. We’re continuously innovating at the forefront of current technological thinking to pioneer new solutions in support of progress.


We always seek to power human intelligence, never replace it. We put the well-being of farmers, communities and the environments in which they work, first.

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