The Team: Multiple talents, one purpose.

Everybody at Connecterra shares a passionate belief in the importance of applying new technologies for the benefit of people and the planet.

Yasir Khokhar

Founder & CEO

Saad Ansari

Founder & CTO

We see things differently

We think outside
the box

Sicco Pier van Gosliga

Director of R&D

Jorge Sáez Gómez

Director of Data Science

Marjolein van Hage

Finance Manager

Stacey Hobson

Office Manager

We have powerful

Niels Molenaar

Customer Success Manager

Leonie ten Dam

Director of Sales

Robyn Bonnin

Marketing Lead

Timo de Winter

UX, UI & Product Design

We innovate for

Sándor Kocsis

Front-end Developer

Mihai Coman

Full-Stack Engineer

Zhenyu Ye

Hardware & Devices Engineer

Zhenhao Li

Data Engineer

Nela Lekic

Data Scientist

We look beyond the norm

Niels Rutten

Industry Technology Specialist

Sipan Hamed

Intern - Recently Graduated from Connecterra!

We write our own future