The Team: Multiple talents, one purpose.

Everybody at Connecterra shares a passionate belief in the importance of applying new technologies for the benefit of people and the planet.

Yasir Khokhar

Founder & CEO

Saad Ansari

Founder & CTO

We see things differently

We think outside
the box

Sicco Pier van Gosliga

Data Scientist & Founding Member

Jorge Sáez Gómez

Data Scientist & Founding Member

Timo de Winter

UX, UI & Product Design

Niels Molenaar

Customer Success Manager

We have powerful

Leonie ten Dam

Sales Director

Zhenyu Ye

Hardware & Devices Engineer

Marjolein van Hage

Finance Manager

Zhenhao Li

Data Engineer

Niels Rutten

Industry Technology Specialist

Robyn Bonnin

Marketing Lead

Stacey Hobson

Office Manager

Sándor Kocsis

Front-end Developer

Mihai Coman

Full-Stack Engineer