Our Technology.

Connecterra has built an Artificial Intelligence named Ida. Ida is a farmers’ assistant that can run a dairy farm 30% more efficiently than a human farmer. Ida learns the behaviour of farmers and dairy cows while providing guidance on how to run a better farm.

Our Environmental Impact Statement.

More efficient dairy cows will reduce the impact of livestock farming on the climate while maintaining the livelihood of the 117M dairy farmers who depend on dairy as their protein source and livelihood


Our Purpose.

We innovate for a purpose. Our core competency is building AI’s that will impact the future of our planet. As a full-stack technology company, we engineer hardware sensors and a machine learning platform that enables us to service our customer and partner base in 17 territories.

Sensor Cubes

Our cube devices are packed with sensors that detect movement, location and other data. The cubes are multipurpose devices which are at home around the neck of a dairy animal or embedded in a stationary environment.

Device Platform

Our device management platform enables full control of our cube devices, capturing and processing the raw data and transferring it to the cloud for data processing.

Machine Learning & Data Science

The heart of our engineering is our data science engine. We combine the processing power of our devices with the scale of the cloud. Our platform combines multiple data sources to provide accurate detection, prediction and insights.

On any Platform

For end-users, the experience is available on Mobile Phones, Tablets and PC’s enabling customers to free themselves from fixed desktop-based solutions.