Connecterra at Digital Veterinary Summit

Connecterra was part of the panel on disruptive technologies at the Digital Veterinary Summit, held in Londen in October, 2019.

Veterinarians only see pet parents for 16 minutes a year and with 82% of pet owners in the UK going to google before visiting a vet, veterinarians are increasingly being judged on how they connect with their clients digitally.

On the livestock side, animal health companies have made half a dozen acquisitions in the last year, including Merck’s landmark $2.4 billion acquisition of monitoring and tracking device company Antelliq. These technologies are allowing vets to make better, evidence-based decisions and providing unique solutions to farmers.

The inaugural Digital Veterinary Summit will showcase the emerging technology coming from innovators seeking to optimise customer engagement, facilitate preventative action, enhance clinical processes, and increase compliance through the use of technology for both companion animals and livestock.

PANEL: Disruptive Innovation in Livestock and Companion Animal Technology – Engaging respective stakeholder groups. Digitally native brands with technologies including monitoring and identification devices on the livestock side and trackers and telehealth devices for companion animals are continuing to adopt innovative business models to engage pet parents, veterinarians and the farm. This panel will discuss their brand’s journeys, sharing how they’ve disrupted their industries and engaged their respective stakeholder group to maintain recurring revenue and attract investment.