Connecterra takes part in Synergia programme

an agricultural production system centered on ecology

Developing an agricultural production system that takes ecology as the starting point can be made possible with smart technology. Connecterra is now part of the Synergia research programme, which will further explore this opportunity.

Synergia aims to help improve horticulture, dairy farming and crop farming in the Netherlands, to overcome the challenges that farmers face around environment, labour and societal acceptance. Synergia stands for ‘SYstem change for New Ecology-based and Resource efficient Growth with high tech In Agriculture’ and focus on developing and integrating fundamental knowledge from the biological, technical, and social sciences for the next generation of sustainable agricultural systems, based on the new concept of “technology-4-ecology-based farming” (T4E-farming).

Top researchers from 5 Dutch universities are involved in the project, together important partners, such as technology and innovation center OnePlanet, TiFN (Top Institute for food & nutrition) and several business partners. Connecterra, a leading technology company in the agricultural sector, is proud to be one of the latter.

The Synergia project is one of the 5 large, interdisciplinary research consortia within the Crossover programme, in which the Dutch Research Council (NWO) is investing 39 million euros in altogether. Next to agricultural production systems, the other Crossover programmes will look at: lifestyle of the elderly, neurotechnology, energy storage and accelerating sustainability. The agricultural programme received 7 million euro.

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