Creating value for a joint stakeholder: the farmer

Connecterra CEO Yasir Khokhar speaks at Animal AgTech Innovation Summit

Partnerships between small and larger companies in agriculture are successful when both companies are focused on creating value for a joint stakeholder: the farmer. 

This is according to Connecterra’s CEO Yasir Khokhar who spoke about creative and successful partnerships at the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit in Amsterdam.

Start-up and enterprise collaboration

The session ‘driving collaboration in animal agtech – forging creative partnerships’ took place on the first day of the Summit (October 1). Khokhar jointly led the session with Cees Jan Hollander, Global Farming Expert at Danone. The two explained their fruitful ‘start-up and enterprise’ collaboration and how a technology company and food industry leader can complement each other in their combined goals to make agriculture more regenerative and sustainable.

Journey to regenerative agriculture

Danone and Connecterra, with six other global companies, are working closely together in a programme called “Farming for Generations” to allow dairy farmers to adopt more sustainable regenerative agricultural practices (read more about this project in the official press release) . “In the session, we explained how this partnership works and one of the things I addresses was that one of the keys to success was the connection between the people. You do business with people and not with a “product” or “service”. It is also important to quickly move away from only having the plan and the PowerPoint presentation but show results and value on real-life farms. And that is what we are aiming for in the Farming for Generations project”, explains Cees Jan Hollander. Yasir Khokhar adds: “The partnership between Connecterra and Danone works because both companies are focused on creating value for a joint stakeholder: the farmer. To have a successful partnership like this, between a small company and large company, I truly believe that trust and being open and transparent is key. We therefore see a bright future ahead in agriculture”.

Yasir Khokhar (left) in conversation with Cees Jan Hollander (right).

Next edition in 2020

Building on its successful launch in San Francisco, the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit in Amsterdam was the first edition in Europe and took place in Amsterdam on October 1-2. The Animal AgTech Innovation Summit returns to Amsterdam on September 29-30, 2020.

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