Nourishing future generations: science, tech and agriculture

sustainable agriculture to feed future generations

If we are able to feed humanity in a sustainable manner over the next 30 years, we’ll be equipped for nourishing future generations.

This is stated by Jack Bobo, CEO of Futurity Food. In an article on, Robert C. Wolcott writes while the rainforests of Brazil burn, often to clear land for food production, Bobo believes we already have enough land under agricultural production to satisfy human needs for years to come. “40% of all land is already devoted to agriculture… that percentage is bigger than it needs to be”, Bobo states.

Science is essential

To feed a world of ten billion, science will be essential. Unfortunately, the public dialogue about science and food is broken. As Bobo quips, “People have never cared more nor known less about how their food is produced.” To gain trust in science requires people willing to tackle tough questions with others across ideological lines. “For instance, I’m a fan of agrologist and entrepreneur Robert Saik’s work at the intersections of science, technology and agriculture. In his book, Food 5.0: How We Feed The Future, he observes that, “To feed the world, we have to grow 10,000 years’ worth of food in the next thirty years”, Bobo states.

The full article on Forbes can be read here.