Ida for Farmers

Through dynamic features, Ida helps you run a more efficient dairy farm by learning the behaviour of not only your cows but your farm too. Discover why farmers all over the world are choosing Ida:


Ida works by understanding data and providing you with the key information to act on. Ida is constantly learning and as it learns more, new insights will start appearing in your timeline.


Over 93% accurate estrus detection together with best time to inseminate.


Ida detects cases of mastitis, lameness and 24-48 hours before they are critical.


Know which cows are having digestive disorders such as ketosis or are not ruminating for optimal efficiency.

Heat Stress

Learn which cows are impacted by high temperatures and humidity more than other.

Efficiency (available in beta)

Identify cows that are better suited to be bred for future generations.

Calving (coming soon)

Know when a cow is expecting to calve and track the critical hours after calving for signs of distress.

Ask Ida

Track the impact of changes in behaviour. When you change anything on your farm, Ida will tell you what the impact of the change is on the behaviour of the cows.

1. make a change

Tell Ida what you have changed on the farm, like bedding, feed, ventilation, water trough, or something else

2. track changes

Ida will keep track of the impact of the change, she will analyse the behaviour and give you updates on any changes of behaviour

3. measure

Ida will alert when the impact is significant for the herd or individual cows, this will help you adjust the change when needed.

Managed Technology Infrastructure

You won’t have to worry about technology, as we manage all sensors remotely. On the rare occasion that a battery, range or breakage issues occur, our central operations centre is automatically alerted and will ship a replacement to you before you even detect it!

Additional features:


When you purchase Ida, you also gain valuable access to industry partners, suppliers and processors.


Ida integrates with most common dairy management software systems, we are building more integrations.

Automated Learning

When Ida’s algorithms improve, these improvements are automatically rolled out without any additional costs.