Ida for Industry Partners

Enable higher productivity, lower costs and increase income for yourself and your farmers.
By collaborating with Ida, you can connect your farmers with their suppliers, customers, as well as yourself!


Access Valuable Partner Insights

KPI Overview

Gain insider access to farm tracking and overview.


Discover the cash value of missed actions through our AI’s forecasting function.

Support Tools

Receive insightful “game plan” kits, benchmarking, and best practice support material.

Predictive Insights

Get exclusive future insights into milk output forecasts and streamline logistics operations.

Gain Farmer Trust with Ida

Improve relationships with your farmers through the use of Ida’s insights.

strengthen relationships

Enhance relationships with your farmers through understanding their farm activities and actions.

empower field/sales advisors

Ida keeps track of farm changes so that advisors can more accurately serve your farmers.

increased farm knowledge

Guide farmers on how to best use your products and services through access to Ida’s insights.

Additional Partner Features:

API & Dashboard

Via API and a personalised Partner Dashboard, offer operational insights to farmers.


Combine offline and real-time sensor data, upload forms/data for farmers and yourself.

“One View”

Allow platform integration for your farmers through our API “One View” connection.