The Next Web on Machine Learning and IDA

the next web on machine learning and IDA

“Machine learning is really not dark magic, it’s just another tool.” Greg Corrado should know. As the leading professor involved in the development of Google Brain, and Google’s Director of Augmented Intelligence Research, he worked on the release of their open-source library for machine learning, Tensorflow.

“Our main hurdle is to get people educated on how this works in practice.” He shared that practical advice last week at TQ in Amsterdam (disclaimer: TQ is part of TNW), alongside three startups that each have their own hands-on experience with machine learning as well.

The article further mentions that Connecterra is able to scale their business by leveraging TensorFlow. The startup that has raised $1.8 million in seed funding last year and has since built “IDA”, a small sensor that fits on the neck of a cow to detect if it’s sick, ovulating, or if it has an eating disorder. IDA learns the behaviour of dairy cows and provides farmers with insights and recommendations to keep the herd healthy and optimise the productivity of the farm.

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