The Spoon Podcast discusses AI platform Ida


Don’t call Connecterra a Fitbit for cows. The Amsterdam-based company’s “Ida” product is actually a complex artificial intelligence platform to help dairy farmers manage their farms.

Why does a dairy farmer need AI? Well, until now, a lot of farming practices have been passed down through generations. Today we live in the age of data, so sensors on cows and complex algorithms can help dairy farmers see which of those practices are actually useful, and which need to be changed.

Connecterra just raised €4.2 million, which seemed like a good reason to sit down with its CEO, Yasir Khokhar, for a fascinating deep dive into the overlap between AI and AgTech. We touch on how Ida helps improve animal welfare (early disease detection), dairy farm productivity (improved yield!) and even the lives of dairy farmers themselves (more sleep)!

Listen to the full podcast here.