The Intelligent Dairy Farmer’s Assistant

Ida is the first step in our journey to make global agriculture more productive, humane and sustainable using sensors and artificial intelligence.

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How Ida Works for Farmers

By learning the behavior of cows and farmers, Ida provides insights that help run a more efficient farm!

Learns behaviour

Ida learns and detects eating, rumination, walking, standing, laying, chew count and more.

Learns Patterns

Every cow’s behaviour is analyzed and specific insights generated for each cow.


 Insights and generated for the farmer when issues are most relevant to be actioned.

Feedback Loop

Farmers can provide feedback to Ida and also get recommendations on how to solve issues.

Ida for Industry Partners

Enable higher productivity, lower costs and increase income for yourself and your farmers.

KPI Overview

Gain insider access to farm tracking and performance overview.


Discover the cash value of missed actions through our AI’s forecasting function.

Support Tools

Receive insightful “game plan” kits, benchmarking, and best practice support material for your farmers.

Predictive Insights

Get exclusive future insights into milk output forecasts and streamline logistics operations.

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