Our Mission

We are building an Artificial Intelligence that will grow food sustainably and feed future generations.

Our Motivation

The BIG Why?

We are working to solve 1 of the world’s most fierce challenges.

Food production must increase by 60% to feed 9 billion by 2050.

The average age of a (dairy) farmer in the United States is 59 years old.

Farmers are expected to produce more with tighter restrictions.

An AI for the Agriculture Industry

A Farmers' Assistent

Helps farmers run an efficient dairy farm by working with farmers to identify issues, recommend solutions and streamline operations.

Predictive Intelligence for Dairy Industry Enterprises

Built for industry partners such as dairy processors, animal feed and genetic companies.

Our Technology

The machine brain that’s making it all happen.

We are building devices and an Artificial Intelligence that works on deep-learning algorithms and advanced machine learning in the cloud. They provide detection and prediction of real-world events that will enable the industrial internet of things.

Join the Team: Not just another gig!

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